This Demon Inside

Inside of me
not so far away from my head and thoughts, rests this demon
close enough to my will power
but far away from my honest awareness.

I don't know how or when got created
but lives inside of me eating from my lack of will
it lives for my weakness and my fails

Inside of me
This demon sits and awaits
for answers, ideas, whispers and movements
that grow and grow when the outside chooses to pretend...
It waits for your words
For your answers, and for what I wish you could read from my eyes.

I don't know how it works, or how to rest control from it
but it lives right here, and pushes my true plans to come out
It makes me spit out questions I wish I could hold back
And it causes me pain when I don't give it what it wants...

In the photo: Miss Diana

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