Naked Mind

Avoding all kind of analysis, these lines will just describe one of the greatest sensations any girl can feel... I say girl because I find it hard to believe a boy could feel it like This.

Crushed is the most common term that defines the stage, when we come to awareness of the fact that we like him, we like his lips, his eyes, his hair... How he smiles and gets surprised, we like how hi breathes, drinks and walks. When he says something cool we float and when he doesn't we ignore words in the most creative way.

Infatuated is the crime, acting on it feels just like heaven... Junkie with a drug of desire and stoned butterflies dancing on our skin whenever we see him. Rushing looks just to heavy breathe and dream with all the things we would do to them.

During these moments all we care about is how silly we feel and how all levels of reason, conscience and will power drop in our system... We don't even try to stop it, we just give in... Love turns into a whole different thing without deep emotions, just any kind of shallow sensation, which is why in these moments that love, their love becomes our drug.

Us girls feel like this every once in a while, and I don't think any guy has ever noticed it for real. Our desires go naked in front of them and all our eyes are screaming is "kiss me".

In the photo: Wal
By: Vivian Alvarez
Song by Kesha
(Not exactly all the lyrics, but the song that inspired this)

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