I Was Meant To Write A Post Tonight

I was meant to write a whole different post tonight, but for that I needed to keep myself in a sort of gray emotional state, for the words to have some meaning and be able to stand for my ideas... As I said, I was meant to write that tonight, but many bright colors today changed my senses and all I can feel right now, is peace.

As if three thousand people would be gathering in front of me with a simple smile on their face, and making no big efforts in sharing what they are all thinking together: we told you to wait and see, wait and feel.

Amazing how small and disconnected facts can make my head release so much stress, and bring to me this sensation of "yeah all is good"... aware that not much has changed, but the feeling is bigger than me and my power to avoid positive things, the peace that sits with me tonight whispers in my hear and no one else can hear it, I am smiling with this contagious emotion, to those that believe in what I feel right now.

I was meant to write a different post tonight, one with hurting lines, lies and truths about what aches and makes me sick... But my smile gives me away, and with it.. I share it with you.

In the photo, and more for my wave of real girls: Sweet and peaceful Vigi
Music to smile as I smile right now:

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