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I don't really like to talk about movies, unless it really meant something to me.. The lion king for example, but with regular movies I don’t feel like I’d have an accurate repertory of knowledge to criticize, I would let my special friend Animetronic do that, he’s great at it.

Even so, tonight I'll make some kind of exception, 'cause this movie reminded me of a thought that got stocked in my head a couple years ago after reading a very interesting yet simple book, which was the following (the thought, not the book): people are mainly bad and then learn into becoming good (does that make any sense?)

About the book, it was a story about a man that went to a small town for an experiment; he wanted to prove that people are evil, just because something terrible happened to him. After I read it the idea stayed in my mind because it made some kind of sense to me, as I grew into the analytic person I am today, and keep on expanding my analytic characteristic… I could see that essence of evil in people’s actions.

It really fascinates me how much someone could be driven by dishonest motives, and how is that people can have a sick feeling of excitement towards bad things. I’ve heard it: it is easier to take the simple yet wrong path instead of working hard to obtain the same result but without doing any harm… We are all selfish, but we do our best not to hurt others.

But that’s us… maybe a group that read this blog, or people that know me, others that through people I know will get to this post… But what about real evil? Tonight’s movie was about a bad guy who, I thought, had a real and big motivation to do what he did… it was a pretty impressive plan, and a pretty interesting man... But someone who I thought (as a bad person he was…?) had a bigger story behind his actions; what he showed the audience was the idea of that, but as we saw in the movie… he didn’t really wanted something more than money… and, as I see it, that really made the movie go from amazing to mediocre.

Closer was another movie that got me thinking about people's weird way to act, but how true we could all be towards our feelings and actions to lead ourselves into the future... But that would be another post based on love and choices.
About the book that I read before… the essence of evilness in the people from that small town was true, pure, selfish, real and honest… almost to the point of admiration.

…Just some crazy thoughts when I can’t sleep, and some lyrics of a song that came back to my ipod.
P.S.: The title has nothing to do with the post, just the fact that in the book, the only and pure good individual had that name.

Lyrics by Aimee Mann

There is nothing that competes with habit
And I know its neither deep nor tragic
Its simply that you have to have it

So you can make a killing
Oh you can make a killing
Oh you can make a killing

I wish I was both young and stupid
Then I too could have the fun that you did
Till it was time to pony up what you bid

So you could make a killing
Oh you could make a killing
Oh you could make a killing

I could follow you and search the rubble
Or stay right here and save myself some trouble
Or try to keep myself from seeing double

Or I could make a killing
Or I could make a killing
Oh I could make a killing
Yeah I could make a killing
I could make a killing

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