... (Part II)

I'm afraid 'cause I'm alone
I'm afraid 'cause I have no place to belong
I'm afraid 'cause there's no one waiting for me
I'm afraid 'cause I have nothing to keep me awake
I'm afraid 'cause there's no reason for me to smile
I'm afraid 'cause I feel that I'm missing something
I'm afraid 'cause I'm stuck
I'm afraid 'cause I don't know how to fix me
I'm afraid 'cause I can't think clearly
I'm afraid 'cause I'm unable to ask for help
I'm afraid 'cause I can't speak out loud
I'm afraid 'cause I can't organize my feelings
I'm afraid 'cause I don't move
I'm afraid 'cause I'm pushing people away
I'm afraid 'cause I'm losing my road
I'm afraid 'cause I'm keeping myself from love
I'm afraid 'cause fear it's taking over me

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  • Hey! Believe me..you are not the only one that pass by this situation..I understand u..And I think you're going to be ok..Take care..Cuenta conmigo para lo que sea =) I love you

  • I was wondering ... is that a song? Like the one in Part I? Or... is that you letting us know you are really afraid?

  • In Part I I used a song, Thank u from Alanis, here I wrote all these lines

  • Asi como tina lo dijo... no eres la unica que esta pasando por esa situacion... somos muchos incluyendome. lo importante es tratar de mantener la esperanza, e intentarlo aunque te caigas mil veces nunca sabes cuando es tu dia de suerte...
    see you!!!

  • Wow...that's exactly what I needed to read right now. I can totally relate.

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