Just Some Lines That You've Heard Before

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me


Dearly beloved are you listening?
I can't remember a word that you were saying
Are we demented or am I disturbed?
The space that's in between insane and insecure
Oh therapy, can you please fill the void?
Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed
Nobody's perfect and I stand accused
For lack of a better word, and that's my best excuse


You know me, oh you think you do you just don't seem to see
I've been waiting all this time to be, something I can't define
So let's cause a scene, clap our hands and stomp our feet or something,
yeah something I've just got to get myself over me


Don't you want to see it come down
There for throwing your arms around
an sayin "you're a moment too soon"


two of us sitting alone again in silence
wondering what your eyes might see me as this time
sometimes i wish you thought out loud
it's so much different now

and all along I never thought we were wrong

you and i meeting again another circle
better than nothing at all i'm glad we came
sometimes i wish that we could change and make it past this somehow


Anybody heading in my direction
Away from the city
Anybody wanna change the way they feel
Step inside
Doesnt really matter where you wanna take me
Away from the city
I wanna start again
I wanna start again
A wanna take it back
I wanna start again
Start again


Always the wrong way never the right way
Forward and backward over and over
Talk is cheap so i bought every word you said
it scared me half to death now i'm half dead


And all I really want is some patience
A way to calm the angry voice
And all I really want is deliverance
Do I wear you out
You must wonder why I'm so relentless and all strung out
I'm consumed by the chill of solitary
I'm like Estella
I like to reel it in and then spit it out
I'm frustrated by your apathy
And I am frightened by the corrupted ways of this land
If only I could meet the Maker

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  • Hola!!
    he descubierto tu blog y me ha encantado! estoy iniciando nuevo proyecto en la web, un blog donde cualquier mujer del mundo puede colgar su foto y contar algo de ella. Si hay mujeres que te leen, y tu misma, visitadlo y enviadme una foto y un pequeño texto acerca de vosotras para insertarlo.
    Muchos besos

  • jejejeje ... el comment de arriba es lo que yo llamaría "una propuesta indecente" ... me avisas si "te unes" a ese proyecto pa dejar un comment en la foto tuya ;)

  • Jajaja Jorge, I have to think about that, but if I decide to do it I need to find a nice picture to send... 'cause if the post will be about me, it has to be THE perfect picture. Besides something else I need to know before accepting is that who's gonna write the post... that's important...

    But thanks degenny for asking me :)

  • Anita ... tu entraste en ese blog? por tu respuesta creo que aún no lo has hecho, sino que te limitaste a leer el comment de degenny ... Las fotos son de desnudos, osea, si quieres enviar tu foto tiene que ser desnuita pues ^^

    Si todavía estas considerando la opción entonces, no dudes en avisarme cuando posteen "tu foto perfecta" jejeje ;)

  • Si Jorge, lo se... Y gracias por la, erm, preocupacion. Pero piensa que puedes desnudar cualquier parte de tu cuerpo sin que tengas que mostrarlo todo

    Degenny, como le has quitado importancia a este post mio jaja...

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