Annie's Background

Escuche una cancion que me inspiro este post. En la cancion salen 5 personajes, y 4 de ellos representan los que han sido parte de mis relaciones importantes todos diferentes y con ciertas caracteristicas distintivas. El 5to personaje (que aparece de primero en la cancion) no fue, es o sera relacion, pero tiene a quien representar... So here we go:

  • "Jonathan", se define como el que solo piensa en si mismo y abarca las necesidades que le conciernen solo a el. Mi "Jonathan" fue mi primera relacion establecida con fecha (siempre confusa) y que duro poco. Es el carajo que mas me ha gustado fisicamente hasta hoy y a quien mas he querido odiar sin lograrlo. Hoy en dia sigue por alli igual que siempre, el asunto termino despues de tanto tiempo, pero termino y hoy lo quiero que jode
  • "Terrance" es quien comparte tus ilusiones, sentimientos y emociones, que siempre tiene las palabras que quieres escuchar y los brazos extendidos para recibirte a la hora que lo necesites. Para mi fue alguien de mucha importancia, por quien senti por primera vez una sensacion de cosquilleo y un cariño diferente y especial, pero eso fue hace 5 años y hoy ya no existe.
  • "Marcus" te hace sentir alocada, diferente, arriesgada. Es el que te hace tomar decisiones a la ligera a disfrutar de la vida, a vivir cada segundo a amar lo que te sucede todos los dias y quien experimenta contigo todo lo bueno que puedes experimentar. Fue mi relacion pasada la primera a distancia jeje pero la mas bonita que he tenido :) Hoy el es feliz y yo tambien
  • "Lou" es misterioso, es incognito y es a quien jamas piensas puedes llegar a querer; quien te inspira confianza en todo momento sin que el mueva una mano para hacerte sentir segura. Fue mi ultimo intento de relacion que no resulto en nada bueno, con quien quise intentar algo mas pero decidi no insistir. Hoy no se de el...

Lyrics by Alanis M.

dear matthew I like you a lot I realize you're in a relationship
with someone right now and I respect
that I would like you to know that if you're ever single
in the future and you want to come visit me in california
I would be open to spending time with you and finding
out how old you were when you wrote your first song

dear jonathan I liked you too much I used to be attracted to boys
who would lie to me and think solely about themselves and you
were plenty self-destructive for my taste at the time I used to say
the more tragic the better the truth is whenever I think of the early 90's
your face comes up with a vengeance like it was yesterday

dear terrance I love you muchly you've been nothing
but open hearted and emotionally available and supportive
and nurturing and consummately there for me I kept drawing you in
and pushing you away I remember how beautiful it was to fall asleep
on your couch and cry in front of you for the first time you
were the best platform from which to jump beyond myself what
was wrong with me

dear marcus you rocked my world you had a charismatic way
about you with the women and you got me
seriously thinking about spirituality and you wouldn't let me get away
with kicking my own ass but I could never really feel relaxed and looked out
for around you though and that stopped us from going any further
than we did and it's kinda too bad becasue we could've had much more fun

dear lou we learned so much I realize we won't be able to talk for some time
and I understand that as I do you
the long distance thing was the hardest and we did as well as we could
we were together during a very tumultuous time
in our lives I will always have your back and be curious about you
about your career about your whereabouts