Calendar Draw

Let me borrow your fancy new watch, and I will let you in on something secret.
Let me allow your hands on my hair as if I missed it somehow, and I will marinate my heart without hesitation.
Let me open my risk taking bag, and allow for these bugs to fly out of it, then you might get yourself filled with their glow.
Let me just provide you with one of those secret smiles from across the room, and I will deliver myself on a golden platter.

How long could I set this game to last?
And how many times do we need to step back on the Go spot?
Could we just embrace our safe and empty plans?
Or could we just have some fun instead?

Let me draw on your calendar, and I will show you colors you've desired for so long.
Let me stand on your knees wearing our favorite shade of black, and I will have these bats run around your head.
Let me play these bright sounds for you, and I will show you how cranky has nothing to gain from us.
Let us fall of your bed, and create divine wine stains, and they might just show us a glimpse of joy we would eventually touch.