Do You Mind?

You have managed to go from darkness to light,
so would you mind telling me what your next move is?
Because clearly, I will react to it
as I am reacting to you right now.

My mind has grown so peaceful after such storm,
and the truth is I can't but give us credit for it.
All that excess of misjudged situations
and the game we played so badly...

I don't want to relive the broken glass on my feet
I can't really taste the bitterness as I say your name
I just found myself wanting to make new memories with you
After being locked in a box surrounded by sour words.

Did we fly to the moon too soon?
Have we been trying to justify the jump that seemed to happen too early?
If this still feels so amazing from a tiny screen,
Was the cloud too small to hold us back then?

You have managed to bring back the beating smile,
so would you mind fixing the pieces to this puzzle?
I am clearly still holding on to the corners
and as I still wait for the next chapter to that goodbye at an airport
I wonder the meaning of these pieces still coming along...

...whatever it may be.

In this photo: Ruth.