We're Temporary

Pages that overcome themselves, there's too many lines that reveal useless words, but that contain the essence of your energy, your story, my chapter in the book of your mistakes.

Try again, I really don't mind, I know better than you that this solution of yours is only temporary, and the issue that brings you back to me will keep on transforming until you realize that you're only pretending.

Blow me off and hide me within the chapters, I'll be free in there, your karma will keep me company just until a new page comes along, trying to tell a new story, trying to yell inside of me, all those things I make you feel.

I'll hide in here, for as long as you need me to, pretending to be that understanding soul, that partner who pretends for you, who nodes for you. This weird power that can brake your knees so easily.

And when you realize I'm not even real, and that you've kept nothing but wet lies, then maybe we could go back to our peaceful state of nothing; not having each other. Maybe then, I'll reveal my most treasured secret to you.

*Featuring Wal*

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