It's All Coming Down

Promise you'll hold my hand all the way 'till the end,
if I couldn't trust your words before, I need to do it now.

There's one spot that has my name on bright fonts
A clear number on a hot sit that calls for my presence
and I won't do much to avoid it
not any more,
it's all coming down.

I've created this path of heavy words all these years
and now they seem to come together to break through
easy would be to say that I can't do anything to help it
but I am the one pressing the keyboard...

...this needs to come out.

Promise me you'll hold my hand all the way 'till the end,
because I've done wrong and once they know
they'll know.

Help me burn these bridges between my stories and them
not because they should know,
but because I keep on looking for ways to crash
and this one sounds like my greatest move.

"Your bridges are burning down
They're all coming down
It's all coming round
You're burning them down
It's all coming round
They're all coming down"
Foo Fighters

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