To Flirt

How confident can we ever feel?
How comfortable do we need to be with ourselves?
How secure and how real in our own skin?
Always aware of everything around us.

We open a window, we let them take a look... invite them to come and see this part of us, this superficial version of everything we can be.

So many and different actions, moves, attitudes that compiling them could be so hard... Each one of us can have such a unique strategy, but one common goal... to get his attention, just that.

Fun in the playing, fun in the amusing reactions, fun in the simplicity... Like a very expressive kind of language that we've learned for years and that we allow ourselves to apply as much as we want. Because sometimes, we don't even notice when it begins.

If I stare at you, if you notice I notice you, if there's an idea that crosses your mind, then I had what I wanted, now I'm pleased and you gave me the satisfaction I needed. You joined my game maybe not really knowing what I'm planning, perhaps thinking you'll take control over this, but so unaware of what I'm actually doing.

This hobby of mine, this amazing way of reminding myself how connected we can all be, and you becoming a part of it just by reacting to my little smile, slow blinking and loud silence.

While I'm staring I'm thinking, and I'm talking to you through thoughts thanking you for making me feel this way, for wanting to look inside and maybe, beginning something fun with me.

How much fun could we have?
How risky could our playing be?
How much energy could we waste in delaying the pleasure of going one step further?
... and after all these words, I'll be flirting with you again, and again, and again.

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