Let Her Go

There's all these versions of you, if in fact you believe that then go ahead and read some more.

Not all versions work together, or show up at the same time, but they exist, they develop and they represent a diversity of sides, those that girls can own and carry so well. There are sides that shine and have bright colors, golden emotions and can elevate the mind over the heart in order to accomplish. Some other sides are darker, heavier and easily expand, those sides that can show up when our heart gets too functional to follow instructions.

Different in each one, but we own them all and we must learn how to identify them and understand them, in order to be aware of when there's a side of us that is just making too much of a mess, and we need to take control over it. Like when pain numbs our thoughts, and we breathe, think and make decisions based on pure and toxic suffering or fear. That side, that version of us, we must try to control or just dismiss.

Control itself can only do so much, most of our sides are guided by a balance between our heart and mind, but if we just give up to the idea that anything can come along and cause huge amounts of damage, and we just have to stand there and wait for it to go away on its own, then that's just wrong... at least, for me and my sides, it is.

So the ideal plan would be to become aware of when there's a side that is offering more hurting than peace, and say goodbye to that version of us. That's the plan, and for some I could just be writing to fill lines in this box, but for me it isn't that crazy; it can be done and it would not mean cutting something out, just making a choice to feel better.

Tonigh I'm not writing just for me, but for close people that might need this just like I do. Tonight I give these words to them, and remind them something that brings a little peace to me, something that made me erase that consuming side when I needed to, that side that would not let me smile again; we don't need for things to change, we just need to make sense again. Put that side in motion, out through the exit door, and let her go.

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