Probably Me

It's probably me...

Who thinks way too much about your last phrase
Who smiles before telling you the crap that goes through my head
The one that would steal your breath if only I had more courage
The selfish kind of human that would tear a kiss down
The one that would never be allowed in your mind.

It's probable me...

Who never truly faced the honest side of your words
The one that keeps on picking up the crumbs
From that wasted essence of bond that once existed.

It's probably me...

The number you felt like dialing a couple times
Who liked more one blink than the other
Who you will blame and judge
The one that won't ever get what you owe
Who will have to feed myself from pending ideas
The same person waiting behind a screen
Who felt like she deserved a bit of your attention

It's probably me...

Who chose lemon over cinnamon
The one who found herself away from you.

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