I Blame You

Here's just a bunch of random thoughts, don't even try to make any sense of the following lines... We can't blame Annie for this post tonight. I'm just so sick of it.

I hate you for putting pieces together this way, appearing on these scenarios after you were just an invisible idea. Not strong enough to push my breaths out. Gone, you were gone and it was just fine, so why did you come back? For nothing, no reason, just as a selfish animal seeking for what it thought it needed. Freaking creature, just go away.

I hate you for these 20 minutes
I hate you for those 35 minutes
I hate you for the 17
I hate you for the printed shirt and the fake ideas
I hate you for the person you're not
I hate you for the demons in your head
I hate you for the ego eating you up
I hate you for the pretending of a fading life
I hate you for doing this to me

...Just a bunch of ideas and some deep breaths before posting. Because Annie felt like spiting out all of these sensations, just to see if they make any impression on them... like making them vanish for good. Vanish for good.

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