Before It Ends

...because it does, and I've learnt to smile at ending moments, even if my minds keeps track of every detail.

That night I wanted to say it all, right before we closed our eyes
Back then I wished I told you I felt happy, and warm with your arm around me.
My mouth so wanted to smile at you and kiss you, right before time would come and take us away.
I should have... I really should have.

...Kissed you a lot more.. maybe hug you more,
but instead I'm regreting and staring at this other me laying on my right that says it was supposed to be that way.

There's no order or sense in my lines, not tonight
Just because this sad moment will end and vanish
just as we did that evening, when I should have hug you a bit longer
... kissed you a bit longer.

But instead I'm bending my knees closer to my chest
seconds away from sleep and new hours of mixed thoughts.
Because they will come, less and less but they will
reminding me that moments will always end, but it doesn't mean I can't just be.

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