Feature You In Sunshine

Do I stand in your way?
I own so many stones you see
Easy it seems for me to just do so
I just want your kiss boy

I have a short body and some kind of weird walk, which it keeps me
musical all the time.
Mi fingers are long and they remind me of how much I always wanted to
play the piano

Push me, far away from your path
My hand is holding this sign (and I'm not proud)
And it seems the reason why you all rather moving me to a different
place- Danger

I like the smell of a dying match
And the way the ice cream melts after a while in my cup
Because you never knew all this, it was my intention to screw you up
There's only one way to hold my phone and don't you dare trying to
change the position of my fingers

Push me far, far away from your path (and I wish I could stop)
You've done it before
Haven't you? Well let me then..
Introduce you to all these other men that have.. They'll show you how
I just want your kiss boy

And I am selfish
And I am above this feeling
And I am a loner
And I love/hate wine
And I do dance by myself
And I do lie all the time
For I believe you don't deserve my truth
You've got me evil from the very first beginning

I just want your, kiss.

More than 3 colors when I get dressed
Cherry on my lips and my crappy face hiding the fear of not knowing
and expecting
Marks on my skin to express so much, as I own the big meaning of all
There's a piece of cheese cake waiting for me in his refrigerator but
I'll need water when I get home

Push, push me away.. I'm too close and I will screw up your path
I know I'll be afraid all the time... If you ever find out..

And every time I laugh.. Every time I laugh my mind sets me free,
because I stood on your path for you to push me away, you didn't wanna
keep me there anyways.
And I'm not proud, and I wish I could stop

Lyrics by Ima Robot

A reaction to emptiness
Continues for the Boogyman
Just give me one
To feature you in sunshine
And we could both
The aphids swarm away

Hello, hello
Losing concentration
Losing motivation
Losing ground

Solo solo
Don’t like moderation
Starved for conversation
Are you down

A reaction to some soft skin
What about
I’ve seen it here and there
Just give me some
Be careful what you wish for
So take me
Woo honey let’s go dancing

Don’t stop wasting people’s time

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