Just a short break of honesty and selfishness for once!
What I want... not so much and pretty simple... sheryl reminded me with emotion.

I wanna be able to sleep only if I need it.. and stay awake when I feel it's necessary. I want to brake with the nasty habit of making everyone happy and trying to be the golden coin for everyone. I wanna feel good with others hating me... to enjoy it in a very creepy way!

I want John to be the greatest friend ever as I know he can be, and to be always there for me, with his not so funny (but special) stories and his very much funny constant complaint of how awful womens are. I want him to trust me and to feel ok by speaking his mind!

I want James to stay as the greatest infatuation and to be happy forever after! I want him to get his ducks in a road and to feed this amazing emotion-relation that we have. I wanna keep on teasing each other with fun memories of wonderful times!

I really want some chocolate right now.

Me wants some extra time to be able to finish all the stuff I keep on writing down. I wanna be everywhere anytime!

I want Todd to keep on playing his guitar, but what I really want from him is to freeze this times for us... to help remain this fantastic mystic between us and to continue talking to me as much as he does. I wanna listen and fight him as many times as possible, just to laugh by the end of it.

I really want Dan, Ed, Greg and Eric to rearrange their perspectives in life and to get connected a little bit more with this freaking emotion that can change people... or maybe never listen to me again and be happy and free!

I want Terrance to be in my life for good and to face me every time he feels like it... I wanna see right through him and notice how peaceful his soul is, and how good it feels to come back home hah! I want him to be honest and to never forget who he met long long time ago.

I don't ever wanna stop writing, never stop feeling, never stop thinking, never stop analysing. I wanna keep this sensation of floating forever... I wanna keep this freedom to express myself and I want to keep on finding the clues to my story.

I just want some tangerines... So easy to want something.

P.S.: I heard the song four days ago and it made me think "what do I really wanna do, besides have some fun?".. so here... and btw, that's not it.

Lyrics by Sheryl Crow

Hit it!
This ain't no disco
It ain't no country club either
This is LA!

"All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die,"
Says the man next to me out of nowhere
It's apropos
Of nothing
He says his name's William but I'm sure,
He's Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy
And he's plain ugly to me
And I wonder if he's ever had a day of fun in his whole
We are drinking beer at noon on Tuesday
In a bar that faces a giant car wash
The good people of the world are washing their cars
On their lunch break, hosing and scrubbing
As best they can in skirts in suits

They drive their shiny Datsuns and Buicks
Back to the phone company, the record store too
Well, they're nothing like Billy and me, cause

All I wanna do is have some fun
I got a feeling I'm not the only one
All I wanna do is have some fun
I got a feeling I'm not the only one
All I wanna do is have some fun
Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning
And Billy likes to peel the labels
From his bottles of Bud
He shreds them on the bar
Then he lights every match in an oversized pack
Letting each one burn down to his thick fingers
before blowing and cursing them out
And he's watching the bottles of Bud as they spin on
the floor

And a happy couple enters the bar
Dangerously close to one another
The bartender looks up from his want ads

Otherwise the bar is ours,
The day and the night and the car wash too
The matches and the Buds and the clean and dirty
The sun and the moon but

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