Riot And One Line In Between

Sometimes they ask why I get them so well, or how is that I know how to listen understand and speak their language; well I guess it comes pretty easy for me and the fact that I have that "power" of understanding, allows me to present myself on the table for them to use me in a way.

It is not something I learned to work, but an ability to listen so neat that I actually enjoy, when someone ask the reason I say that it's because of the perspectives I take from them when they talk to me and release their stories. I consider all this the main reason for them to get so attached to me, and as human I am I get used to this sort of dependence which now I need to feed constantly in order to fill some spaces of my happiness in progress.

But as in everything, this thing I do brings some consequences that are not very good for me. One is that I raise my expectations towards other people to listen to me, comparing it with they way I listen to them and of course, as high as my expectations grow I get disappointed and frustrated. Even when I glue myself to these someones, the need is never completely satisfied and what happens is that I fill it with the feedback I get.

The other consequence I get I that I include myself too much in their situations and it gets to a point where I try too hard to have them see through my perspective just because it works for me, and because I believe it will work for them. Now that I'm admitting all this, I can't help seeing how much I am like you.

But since I always control everything and I believe in the power that control gives me, I came up with a plan a long time ago which I've been trying to put in motion; I created a line to separate me from them just presenting my willingness to listen and give answers, but staying in my side. They will stay after the line standing in front of me just getting the answers and perspectives they'd like to choose.

When I cross the line I get hurt.
When I cross the line I mess with something that does not belong to me.
When I cross the line I don't truly help you.
For that I'll stay here and you'll stay there.

Lyrics by The Rakes

We are the animals,
who have lost our hair.
Retained some of our teeth,
and gained a choice...

We'll chase food, money and sex,
until satisfied.
And when its time to rest,
ask 'whats next?'...

We are all animals x4

Well its hard enough to retain control,
when our instincts are egging us on,
with biologists and chemists reducing our souls,
to four letters...
And when we think about it,
we're like a masterpiece,
whose glimpsed, the artist?

We are, the machines,
carrying our various genes.
Then discarded,
when the job is done.
We are the diciples,
who have lost our way.
Kicked from our pedestal when Darwin burnt the book

We are all animals x4

Well its hard enough to retain control,
when our instincts are egging us on,
biologists and chemists reducing our souls,
to four letters...
Will genes replace Genesis?
We're like a masterpiece,
whose glimpsed the artist?

We like to think we're at a special place; the stars revolve around the human race,
but we're just mammals, just, primates...
Like chimps or g'rillas
We see the hair on our face,
And look at another primate,
You and I, we relate...

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