Just for a moment they could pretend things are different
She doesn't miss him
He doesn't want her
They could be happy
They could be free

Just for one moment I could wait for a plane to catch
Is there a place to be a 12:35 AM?
Are you who awaits for that perfect lie?
Are you gonna drive me insane?

Just for one moment lies get prettier and we pretend that we're fine
She is not from this planet
And he's not alive in this time
They have a chance to explode
To float and sail

Just for one moment things are different
And she is not expecting big changes or new sensations
She is just pretending to be O.K.
Going to that fake place where for a short moment
They are who they are

Just for one moment he pretends not to feel
And things are better, words are not needed
Is there a song to sing along?
Is there a hand to reach?
They find that lie to seek every time
Where they're free by pretending nothing else exits

Just for one moment people could pretend
Lie to themselves
Go to a small place where fake sensations feel better than reality
And no one is able to make it fade
Just sail away.

Because it's easier to pretend than to face
pretend than to face

-In the picture: Diana Mira

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