I like apples

I love my stepmom

I don't laugh

I can't write

I don't joke

I love to run

I have long fingernails

I love to wake up early

I hate traveling

I don't like going to the beach

I love Chayanne

I like watching Hilary Duff movies

I have a million friends

I hate chocolate

I'm blonde

I don't like to swim

Not a BSB fan

Don't want children

I have fat hands and small lips

I love short hair

I wanna stay here

I wanna stop studying

I don't care

I don't love you

I don't miss you

I don't like you

I don't want you

I don't think of you

I get you

I understand

I need to understand

I'm waiting

I'm expecting

I wont be with you

You wont be with me

I'm not Ok

You might be

I can't smile right now

Like Tracy Chapman once sang...

There is fiction in the space between
The lines on your page of memories
Write it down but it doesn't mean
You're not just telling stories
Sometimes a lie is the best thing
Sometimes a lie is the best thing

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