Sharp As Time

I welcome you with no new warnings,
You already know me too well, more than you think.
There's one thing I define over and over as I struggle with the nature of my feelings
Honesty seems to own me, and it always has something hiding behind actions that feel so right.

This box contains emotions and the raw idea of living every moment,
Expectations, plans, and so many other analogies,
but if there is one thing that comes across every time
is that you can always take my words for what they are...
And I will always bare my soul in them.

I screwed up, and I took you for granted.

I still can't put my finger on what made me realize this,
but the truth is as sharp as our times fighting each other
there's an urge to remind myself of how it felt
every day, every minute.

I dream of seeing you on the other side of my bed,
trying to read my expression as I try to figure out what this could potentially become.
I wanna come home to you.


Featuring Elaine Cubillan
Photo by Laura Isabela Perozo