You all know this, nothing better than giving oneself away and surrender. Seeing the magic side of bonding and unifying visions, it can all be so fantastic. And as much as the risk of suffering keeps on hunting those souls that dare to get some magic, some do find the courage necessary to grab it. As I did more than one time.

Some others, like me, became too protective with our own pieces and now hide from whatever could come and steal them from us. Presenting just this surface of who we are, but keeping to ourselves what makes us who we are. Because we know about giving away, surrendering and getting hurt. We know it so well, that we choose to act like fools encouraging others to open up and uncover their foundations just to be free... We encourage others, but aren't strong enough to do it ourselves.

So insecure that even these words I must write as if they come from other people, because it is a bold statement to speak for myself when I say that I just don't want to let anyone in. Because how could I go back to being that free person that finds gold in the trusting, after loosing such important pieces of my?

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