Dark Corners

I smile as you hear these words
because while you lay on my bed watching my lips move
I admire the way you take these ideas so easily
maybe because you dig them, or just because they make some sense to you

But as I sing with my legs and hair, you lay still and try not to make me vanish
Like a best friend to my fantasies, and I thank you for it
I really do.

Just as these lovely patterns of mine make you a part of my collection...
I appreciate your willingness and grace while agreeing on my commands
And babe, from here on there is nothing but this,
just a girl that enjoys pulling souls into her junkie box.

It is what makes me who I am
Someone that hides her most pure thoughts and feelings behind a fake name,
a smile that spreads like a disease from hell...
Just like the one that got you here, in my nest of sweetness.

Patterns that are my daily anthems
with voices that come from the darkest corners,
corners that you will get to know very soon.

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