How scary would it be not to have these? I wonder if the idea of keeping them makes any sense, or if maybe whatever meaning I rediscover every once in a while is worth the space to storage.

Every time I share less, but I take more... They don't feel they're giving this away, I just take it in shape of phrases, memories, situations, stories to tell, letters to write... I take all this and hang it very close, as my most precious possessions, because the way I see it, I had to give something away from me in order to obtain that. And if I do that... if I choose to lose pieces of me every time we connect, then I make sure I get as much material as I can.

I guess it's my way to feel I didn't waste any time, efforts, kisses and connections; I can't just set them free and stay empty handed. Some secrets must be shared, kept and these cages must bring us all together in some time frame... To remember it was real, to know that with each piece of me that joins them in their individual hanging spaces, we have something that makes honor to that moment of being one.

I own them proudly, they're mine as I shaped them with all the energies I took from the ones that chose, at some point, they wanted to know who I was.

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