They won't leave me alone, as far as I go they are still behind me.
Some have left already, but there's still a few that will come to me 
whenever this situation comes back to my current status.

I hate them, I despise them
Because they represent not only this raw memory of you
But all those things that you made of me
All the negativeness I always rejected.

They are silent, but make me notice
And even when I do my best not to look back
They remain near me, with all the dirt you gave them

Ugly feelings, that I never knew before
Ugly sensations, that I wish didn't feel at all
Ugly words, that sound in my head in some dreams
because as you might know well, this unfinished situation feeds them.

They won't leave me alone, even when every day they are less and less
And I just hold myself hoping they vanish soon
Avoiding doing the usual, because I know it would make them come back...

...And I just want them gone,
every memory
every thought
every frame

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