A Gift

This is the story of a gift left on the floor, brown medium size box with blue glitter on it. They both walked by it a few times, didn't notice it was just laying there, weird forgotten wrapped present just left on the floor.

They wondered about it a few times, walked around it a bit closer, because it was just there on the floor, like if no one else was suppose to take it. Just a gift that people forgot to take with them.

The fear or holding it was so, that they got inside and jumped in, just to see what was laying inside that weird squared thing always surrounding them. They were in it, just for the exact time before making it vanish, never understanding what that was all about.

Just a gift, left in the middle of the floor... too small to care for it, too shiny to look at it, too real to even think about it. A gift that stayed there to never be touched.. ever again.

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