Burn out

When it lights up, feels warm and safe... like two pieces that belong and match together, special parts that attract each one, coming together as perfect syncronization. Just for the time this last, I give myself in.

But then it goes away, because its time has been measured previously. And while the sun comes out, with no more fire to feel, I stare at your sleep and gaze with such sensation, one that just then I realize, will stay with me a few days, until my brain pushes away and I see you again.

Because when it burns, sparkles shine on your breath, my hair between your fingers and this invisible desire to stay. Just before it burns out, I take all these ideas and admire them, because they are so rare and so sensitive that you fear them... Now we both leave and the fire burns out, leaving me wondering for how long my mind can take it.

Lyrics by Oasis

Born on a different cloud
From the ones that have burst round town
It’s no surprise to me
That yer classless, clever and free...

Loaded just like the gun
You’re the hero that’s still unsung
Living on borrowed time
You’re my sun and you’re gonna shine

Talking to myself again
This time I think I’m getting through
It’s funny how you think
It’s funny when you do

Lonely soul
Busy working overtime
Nothing ever gets done
Specially when your hands are tied

Lonely soul
Baking up your mother’s pride
Nothing ever gets done
Not until your war’s won

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