That Emotion

Two weeks ago someone asked about my emotion tattoo, and as always, I gave the same explanation I give all the time: it’s related to music and what makes me feel.

But this particular person wanted to know more than that, so I had to go deeper with the meaning of it, something I don’t think I never really did before; since I knew exactly what I was. So then, I knew: feelings and sensations are connected in my head and it shows easily with some things more than with others, for me it’s with music. Whenever I listen to certain melodies and lyrics I connect myself to a feeling, memory, person, situation, moment, thought… and the power of that connection is such that makes me fall in love with music every single day.

I spent these two weeks thinking about it, and going over all the music I have in my storage, remembering connections and feelings: that emotion I carry. It has such a big impact that for a while there were songs I just couldn’t listen to… but with time, I’ve learnt to make peace with them. Music takes me right where some things got created and it’s hard sometimes not to feel powerless… Specially when in my life there have been emotional characters, coming and going bringing those tunes.

I saw your words today and not only made me smile, but also reminded me what this unique bond means. Imagine… you defining emotion for yourself. Nothing could have been more perfect to make my day. So, thanks for that.

This time, no lyrics… but two new songs from those old performers (they remain):

Alanis – Underneath

Coldplay – Lovers In Japan

Arturito and myself in the pic.

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