The State That I Was In

Deep inside of me
Falling air inside of me
Fade away in me
Stay in me

Come in and touch
touch what's broke
touch what's dry
touch and feel

Inside of me
Where there's nothing but written paper
Breathe that air
Fade away and touch

it's broke
it's dry
deep inside of me
Can you feel it?
it's right there
it won't go away
holed deep inside

But now my mind knows best
it's there
deep inside
and my mind knows best now

It's broke and I don't touch it
It's dry and I don't touch it
It's there and I don't feel it

So come, deep inside
Where the air still blows
and nothing is still fading
Come deep inside and breathe
'Cause now my mind knows best
and I'm not there

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