It's All About IT

You... just you my dear chocolate, my baby, my darling, my love
Something I want badly. That which I desire so bad... It's all about it

It's all about you because:

- You keep me happy
- You keep me wise
-You keep me awake
-You keep me dreaming
-You keep me smiling
- You taste so good
- You make me sigh
- You and all of you

IT'S JUST ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE... and now that I'm on a diet It's more and more about you my sweet babe...

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  • All about Reese's... it's my FAVORITE chocolate ever, and I think its best presentation is the pretty small butter cups wrapped in foil.

    Anywa, it has been scientific proved that having a small chocolate bar every morning makes you a better person, why? because it keeps you happy and it helps you to prevent craving during the whole day since you have already had your daily dose of chocolate, which of course makes you segregate that freaking hormone that if you are on a diet and don't have a chocolate, you go crazy......


  • Solo puedo decir: QUE AMOR! Si,a todos nos encanta el chocolate pero de encantar hasta suspirar y soñar y todas esas cosas..xD Como sea,nos gusta pero tu amor es de locaas

  • OMG! The small ones! I love them I remember this past year when Alberto came back from his trip and brought a bag full of those fucking little chocolates pffff I died...

  • You guys are weird... Reese's? Come on! What are you talking about! Grab a Snikers, hungry?

  • >_> snickers are too regular for my taste

  • What about Nutella?

    I'd go crazy about it...

    4D's nutella with Cocrante shake...


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