10 after

It took breaking myself in two, to find the pieces and fix them. Face and embrace my lowest has always been a strange hobby that I don't even seem to seek consciously, but I do. The elasticity of my own sanity continues to elevate me, and it saves me every time I test its limits.

My soul falls for sadness and melancholy, only because it shows the other side of what's true but won't always believe in, the idea of what's right and what can actually make me happy. There's a reason why I go after gray scenarios and expected endings, and that reason is that they always give validity to what I should continue to walk away from.

Never before have I noticed the breaking as the push to stop and stare instead of walking away, but this breaking was self-induced, and like a free animal not only I moved away from danger but towards what my instincts kept scratching inside of me, something I had walked away from because of surprising and unknown wellness.

It took breaking myself in two, to find the pieces and fix them. Now deserving feels better than before, and providing and giving myself has transformed into a much more colorful stage. Fear tastes like ideas instead of darkness, and exposing myself is part of the process instead of a forbidden action.

*Myself in this photo*

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