For The Fun Of It

So I’ve had my number of guys, and encounters of different kinds… but dates not many, at least not the conventional ‘date’ as defined by many. I am not used to them, so preparing for one does not sound like something normal to me. As I usually share more than what I should, I kinda wanna share my thoughts on this date preparation, leading to what it seems to be a regular date tomorrow night.

This is me talking to myself: what to wear? I really just wanna feel comfortable, nothing too elaborate, maybe low key not to give a weird idea? are flip flops too trashy? definitely flats at least. I don’t like it that I’m thinking too much about this, so just grab something. There are a couple details, very feminine details that I love to think about, but that’s where I draw the “too much info” line :)

If the date is at his place, then I definitely wanna drive there, just to make sure a quick escape is possible. Not that I wanna run away right now before even going, but since I don’t do well with the unknown, I better prepare.

I usually prepare for ‘unexpected’ sleepovers (oops), but should I this time? Jeez, I better not, just to make sure I DON’T spend the night, this deal of normal dates with decent guys should be different, just to make it interesting and give meaning to that thing people say of delaying the pleasure.

For the rest, I just can’t pretend I prepare at all, just remembering that this will be an encounter for actual conversation to take place, long periods of just talking, and listening and more talking. Can’t say I haven’t done this with other guys, but those conversations always had their time limit, in most cases… because we both knew something else would follow.

Tomorrow night I’m looking forward to the JUST talking part, and sure… the homemade pizza and wine (specially picked up for me) sound fun too.

P.S.: I have to admit that I miss saying too much in this blog.