I was standing on the dock staring at your indifference, just becoming aware of each second that passed by and I hesitated more.

I stood there understanding that any decision I made would not be real, because the ocean and wind were telling me this was a dream.

I couldn't figure out why my feet were still frozen and motionless, but you didn't say much to get me out of that state of numbness, I believe you were waiting for me to walk away.

The truth is you didn't know what I knew, for you it was another ride, another opportunity to float away, but for me it felt like a golden moment to share some time with you, because my mind new it would end, and I would wake up.

So I moved, and I got on the boat, laughing at the silliness of the whole deal: you riding a ridiculous and enormous boat, an old lady in a fancy state room, and waiting for his crew to take her to a fancy island. This is when I found out you were on a work mission, and I was just providing company.

Still we never saw her, stepping out of her kingdom, and you took the time to teach me how to hear the ocean, how to understand what the nights mean when you're away from land, gazing at the beauty of it all is something that I could not describe with words.

My notion of reality was too loud, and knowing that I was dreaming and that I would wake up at any moment made me stare at your smile for hours; remembering your sleeping pattern and the short time when I knew you.

Hours went by with a continuous alarm in my head but also tasting every moment of your presence. Because the second I woke up, laughing at the irony of this, I knew that one single encounter, had made me miss you all this time.

That smile in from of that bar will always remain as the most honest smiles I've given. Because in the past I've asked for the smile back, but in your case, it'll always belong to you.

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