I Do

I've chosen this many, many times babe
Don't try to explain how things work, for me, it is pretty much a well known game.

I wish you would be my first, but I must admit
I've gone down this selfish road many times,
and even when you think this could be a whole different experience
let the moment show you the ways I use to avoid the truth.

I've always known, and known well
So as you
But when we get together, tonight, we'll pretend we don't
Because we don't wanna face what's coming after the smoke is gone...

I do like it, and I do risk a lot
I do like to play with the coffee mug on the bed
I do think the danger brings a sack of ignorance
So, is there a door you need to go through right now?

Because babe...
that's all we need right now.
And as far as I see, we're dead by now
so we might as well enjoy.

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