More Than A Simple Bite

I don't really get enough, and most of the times I wonder if I'm like this because, some how, you made me desire you for so long.

This random, and very short thought comes to my head when, like tonight, you make me realize we are both the same, feel the same... maybe nothing is ever enough because I'm just that way, but I like to think I owe this to you and what you made of me... because that would mean that if you were able to settle for just one thing, then I could do it too.

But by far, I don't get enough... even when after every taste, bitterness seems to eat me as a whole, and my head hurts right before knowing I can't wait to feel that again. The pure sensation of wanting and obtaining, is better than anything I've ever experienced before, and once again... I love the fact that I could say, I'm like this because you made me want you so bad.

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