If it's to build...

It takes energy, whatever it is we feel like supporting, defending... like sadness or excitment.
It takes energy for both, but the the difference sometimes is that some efforts are meant to be felt and some others are not, they just pass us by without waves of sensation.

It takes energy, sometimes not that much, but just enough to hold something up... that attitude, that emotion, that mood, giving specific instructions to each one of our actions, to go as they should... like speaking my mind if I must, wear gray all day, watch one particular movie, write about this.

Because it takes energy, and just the fact that this energy even exist brings out the most important thought for today: You either learn how to handle it, or be handled by it.

So whenever I feel like the energy is using me, and the amounts of effort I'm wasting are not being used for the bright side of life, then I must remember that the situation can be transformed using the same energy, but turning it into a much more high energy.
If it's to build, then build bridges not walls

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