There's a line I like to step on, it changes when I do, and it moves around when I don't... like trying to find my feet again. When I'm on it, things move around with no trouble, life doesn't need me to react just to stay on. I'm a part of it whether I want it or not.

While standing on this line, certain ideas are thrown at me, and my hands do their best to grab them all, trying not to drop them and keeping as many as I can. Ideas that I only play with during moments like this, tonight. Besides that, they are put away.

Ideas that tell me what I want but don't come from this line I keep on walking on, because I find it easily stupid to handle the whole deal just avoiding and repeating myself the ideas will stay there for whenever I need them. So I cheat on them by coming back to the line, over and over.

Because it is not real, it never really is. Just like all those nights, where what happens gets trapped in one hard and solid moment that won't extend, like gambling without betting.

The day will come, I won't push it or tell myself there's a deadline, but I will choose the ideas over this line, holding back this reaction and way of functioning, just to see what's so interesting about that particular change.

Wal in this photo and one explanation to one song that brings sense to all this:

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